We are excited to announce the 2018 - 2019 Essex Chamber Music Players concert season. It encompasses contemporary, and the great works of music heritage. We are planning to bring our educational program- the Life and Poetry of Anne Bradstreet, America’s first published poet, to the Haverhill public middle schools this year. We applied and received a grant from the Haverhill Local Cultural Council for the purpose. ECMP released its second CD: Classical Contemporary Chamber Music of the 21st Century, Volume 2 to excellent reception. We are in process of releasing our first Local Cultural History Through Music: The Merrimack Valley, Volume 1 CD in 2019.

Essex Chamber Music Players recording W. McKinley's Growing Up in North Andover 1874-1892: A Diary of Horace N. Stevens at Futura Productions. L-R: Vicki Griswols, Michael Finegold, Paul Hanley, Bob Schulz. Sam Ou, Susan Davenny Wyne

Essex Chamber Music Players and the Buttonwoods Museum / Haverhill Historical Society ‘Notes’ on Haverhill History visit to the Whittier, Hunking and Nettle Middle schools in Haverhill, MA.

Teaching Team L-R: Stacey Fraser-deHaan, Michael Finegold, J. Windel Brown, Joannes Sullivan

ECMP 'Notes' on Haverhill History Players and Composers L-R: Mark Nemeskal - tenor, Elaine Rombola - piano, Robin Cavalear - French horn, Emmanuel Feldman - cello, Michael Finegold - flute, David McMullin - composer, J. Windel Brown - composer